Stepping Stones Learning Academy admits any student, regardless of race, gender, nationality, and/or religion into the elementary and/or secondary educational programs provided that all state child care regulations and school policies have been met. SSLA does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, or religion in the hiring of staff.



1) Willingness by both the student(s) and the parent(s) to be motivated and an integral part of the educational program at SSLA.

2) Completed enrollment forms, signed by parent(s), including pertinent health records (health inventory and shot record, lead screening for studnets under age six) and transfer of records form.

3) In good financial standing with previous private school or day care facility attended.

4) Payment of SSLA's registration/supply fee



1) Applications for admittance will be accepted throughout the year.

2) Acceptance is based on space availability and academic/social readiness (for younger students).

3) Students entering the pre-kindergarten program should be 4 years of age by September 1st

4) Please refer to our Inclusion/Accessibility Policy for further admission policies regarding special needs students.



Stepping Stones does admit children into the program with emotional, cognitive, and physical disabilities as well as special medical conditions, but reserves the right to deny admissions if the needs are too extensive to be met by the physical and medical abilities of its staff.

Having both handicapped ramps and bathrooms, Stepping Stones is fully accessible to anyone with mobility issues.

Stepping Stones believes that parents/guardians are an essential component in the establishment of best care and education for their child. Parents and staff working together to determine when and what types of modifications are needed to ensure the emotional, social, and cognitive success of the individual child.

Whenever feasible, the program and materials will be modified or adapted to meet the varying abilities, learning styles, and needs of each unique child. In addition, Stepping Stones and its staff will, when able, meet IEP and 504 accommodations.



Before School Care: For an additional fee, students may come to the before-school program from 7 am to 8:30 am. This is also offered to Fruitland Primary and Intermediate students. The bus to Fruitland picks up these students from Walden Drive. Secondary students who begin classes before 8:30 do not needs to pay an additional fee.

After School Care: For an additional fee, students may come to the after school program from 3:45 pm to 5:30 pm. This is also offered to Fruitland Primary and Intermediate students. The bus from Fruitland drops off these students at Walden Drive. Snack is provided during this time as well as time for students to do homework.



Parents who are choosing to withdraw their child from Stepping Stones must give a two week notice in writing or be subject to an additional two weeks tuition fee.

Termination of Services:

1. Failure to meet financial obligation could result in immediate termination of services.
2. Accounts more than two weeks in arrears could be subject to termination.
3. Should termination of services result from failure to meet financial obligation, child care and school records as well as tax information will be withheld until such time as account balance has been settled.
4. On rare occassions, students do not adjust to our program and structure. If all attempts to help the child adjust become futile, parents will be given 2 weeks notice to find an alternative center or school.