Stepping Stones has always maintained a challenging academic program at the lowest possible cost to our families. See our rates for the current school year.


Tuition Payment Options

SSLA has several different payment options from which to choose. Please contact the office for current payment schedules.


Financial Assistance

Currently, SSLA offers limited financial assistance. Please see the office manager for a financial assistance application.


Account Statements

Account Statements are emailed every two weeks to those who have an outstanding balance on their account. Statements can be requested at any time. Please see the office manager for this request.


Release of Student Records

No student records will be released to any person or institution if there is an outstanding balance. All tuition and fees must be paid in full.


Transferring from Another Private School/Day Care

If your student is transferring from another educational/day care facility, SSLA may call the previous school to verify your payment history. If you have an outstanding debt at that facility, SSLA reserves the right to place admittance on hold or deny admission altogether until the outstanding debt is paid. SSLA may as you to meet with the office manager to discuss payment details before admission of your child as a student.


Failure to Meet Financial Obligations

Please refer to the Termination of Services located in the Admission Policies section.