A curriculum shall be developed or chosen that will:

  1. Meet the needs of the individual child by providing activities and experiences that will enhance the physical-motor, perceptual-cognitive, speech and language, and emotional and social development

  2. Recognize each child as an unique individual with different abilities, interests and learning styles, and thus provide activities that are responsive to those differences

  3. 3. To provide activities and experiences that will enhance the development of the child’s self- esteem and

    instill positive feelings toward learning

  4. 4. To utilize a thematic approach which integrates subject areas

Environment: The environment shall be developed, prepared, and organized so that it:

  1. reflects the philosophy that children are active learners who learn by interacting with their environment

  2. invites and encourages a child to investigate, explore, create, and image through the use of a variety of materials and learning centers

  3. allows for children to utilize a multi-modality approach to learning

  4. empowers the child with a sense of responsibility for enhancing his own learning and further pursuing knowledge and interests beyond that introduced in formal class instruction

  5. enhances problem-solving and creative thinking skills